English is mixed with Brno and Prague in foreign languages

Language refers to a communication tool used to pass information between people. It enables people to socialize and participate in economic activities from an understanding point of view. There are thousands of languages in use today. English language is one of the most popular languages we have today. The language evolved as a result of interaction between ancient Anglo-Saxon speakers and German natives. It is now popular in many parts of the world and has undergone several changes due to fusion with other languages. The popular official English dialects include the United Kingdom and the United States English.
In some places, English is mixed with other languages to bring out a totally different language. In Brno, the second largest city in Czech, there are various languages spoken. The local language is hantec, a mixture of Yiddish, German and Czech languages. The Brno town is the administrative center of South Moravian, and forms the Brno city district. The place has inhabitants from different language backgrounds who speak various languages. A popular language known as Brno English is popular in Brno city.
The Brno English language is a mixture of English and the Brno language. It came as a result of interaction between Brno-speaking inhabitants of Brno town and Englishmen, tilting the local Brno language to the angličtina brno (Brno English) language. The language is unofficial and is not learned in schools. The local schools in Brno include Czech, Brno and English languages in the curriculum but do not have any mixed language course. Local inhabitants use English Brno in daily activities and for out-office applications.
Prague, the largest city in Czech has also experienced language mixture. The town was originally a meeting place for merchants, artisans and other traders. The result of the interaction gave birth to mixed languages and cultures. Prague has many attractive features including the Prague castle, the Lennon wall, Jewish Quarter and Petrin hill. There are various galleries and museums among other magnificent features. Along with these developments came a language mixture of the original Czech Prague and the English language, giving birth to a popular language known as English Prague. The town is a popular tourist center of English speaking tourists, English Prague was established as a popular means of communication.
There are several schools in Prague teaching English. They offer English studies at both basic and advanced levels, prevodilac sa engleskog na srpski jezik offering an opportunity for people to learn pure English for business and art.

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